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OBRIENWARE creates the software to provide the functionality you need for your business.

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Our clients to mention a few..

Pro-Active SA
Giba Gorge MTB Park
Secsyst Access (Pty) Ltd
Stockville Quarry

Point of Sale System (OMS)

Contract Management System (CMS) and Online Management System (OMS) was developed back in the early 2000's as a web application to manage contracts for the mobile telecommunications industry, as well as provide online point of sale in franchised "brick and mortor" stores.

It is still used today my MTN South Africa and supported by Zero1.

Technologies used:

ASP PHP Microsoft SQL IIS Windows Server

Access Control System

Secsyst is an access control system providing a comprehensive access control solution to over 46 residentitial estates comprising nearly 40,000 residents and their visitors in southern Africa.

It utilizes a plethora of technologies from mobile apps to purpose built electronic components that reads biometric and RFID data, to reading and sending (SMS) text messages, to managing powerful back and front-end databases.

Technologies used:

PHP Python NodeJS (Javascript) JSON XML SOAP MySQL Apache Nginx MongoDB SocketIO (web sockets) Linux Apple Swift

Asset Recovery System

We have developed a system whereby vehicle-owners if victim to theft or hijacking can report the event instantly from their phone via Smartphone app or by text message. Using the member's location an alert is immediately sent to law enforcement and security agencies local to that area.

Simultaneously, the system sends the member vital contact numbers and helpful tips on what to do next.

Linked to the member's insurer, the system automatically initiates the insurance claim process.

Technologies used:

PHP NodeJS (Javascript) JSON MySQL Nginx Linux

Weigh Bridge System

A system used in quarries to acquire the data from a scale of trucks before and after a load to calculate quantity and cost of product and automatically generates invoices, reports as well as feed formatted data into 3rd party accounting software.

Technologies used:


Membership System

We have an application used in a mountain bike park to manage member subscriptions. It prints ID cards with the member's photo, and bardcoded data which when scanned provide useful member logs.

Pre-emptive emails are automatically sent to remind members when their subscriptions are due for renewal, etc.

Technologies used:

PHP Apache MySQL Linux

Bookings System

We have a number of booking systems where people can make reservations given certain available time slots. Integrated with our access control system, it optionally issues an access code. Supporting PDF documents are generated and emailed to the user.

Technologies used:

PHP Apache MySQL Linux

The Internet of Things

OBRIENWARE: As our tagline suggests - we connect various technologies together to create a "system". We have been developing the Internet of Things (IoT) long before it was a thing!

For example: For our access control system we developed a hardware component (controller) attached to a PC that would read data from an access card, fingerprint reader or keypad and feed it back into our controlling software. The software could then send an instruction to trigger a specific boom or gate to be opened. (In theory this can be managed from anywhere in the world)

In another example: We developed software to communicate with a weigh bridge. With this data the software can calculate loads and create invoices in real time. These data readings can be observed from anywhere in the world even on a SmartPhone.

In yet another example: We've programmed a device (similar to a PLC) to monitor start and stop times of a generator and determine current fuel levels (in order to prevent the generator running dry). The whole process can be managed on a SmartPhone.

Keep Going

"I have worked with a few developers on various projects, but Richard impressed me most with his ability to translate complex development tasks into usable, reliable applications."

Ryan Botha - Building experiences for the ABSA mobile app users.


Church Media

We have developed a full media management system to be used primarily in medium-sized churches.

Invoice App

We have developed an online invoicing application which not only do we use ourselves but is used by some of our clients as well.

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